8 Non-Traditional Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Roses, chocolates and frilly lingerie. Typical Valentine’s Day gifts that we have all received and loved. But let’s face it, flowers die, chocolate just adds on the pounds and more often that not, lingerie gets stuffed in the corner of a drawer and forgotten.

Why not this year give a gift that will not only show your love but help create memories? After all, memories with your sweetheart are priceless and what Valentine’s Day is all about!

For me the very best memories I have with my hubby have often been while traveling. When on vacation you can escape into a world all your own, no thoughts of work, bills or worries. You can simply focus on each other. Pretty romantic, huh?

So for me, nothing says romance like travel. Having my sweetheart all to myself, experiencing new places together and making memories. This is the absolute best!

So I decided to make a list of a few travel related gifts that I would love to receive and maybe you would as well.

  1. Romantic Dinner

This is an easy one. The reason I included it in a travel list is because going to a great restaurant can feel like a mini-vacation. You get to spend time focusing on each other, trying new and exotic foods while being pampered by attentive staff that caters to your every need.

Our favorite Valentine’s Day restaurant is Touch. Located less than an hour from our home, it is convenient, but certainly not typical. Unique food options are just the beginning. It oozes romance. Between the candle light, plush cushioned seats and awesome service it really is special. One year for Valentine’s they even had an aerial silk performer!

2. Personalized Passport Covers

I absolutely LOVE our passport covers. They remind me of past adventures and hold the promise of upcoming travels. Having the cover personalized with their name or favorite quote really show how much you care and make it that much more special.

The ones we got were from Etsy and we couldn’t have been more happy with the results.

3. Travel Map

I must confess that I REALLY want one of these and I hope the hubby reads this and takes the hint! There are so many different options out there to help memorialize your travels. Again, Etsy has many varieties for every taste and budget.

4. Concert Tickets

Whether your sweetheart loves jamming out to 80’s rock (like me) or listening to the latest and greatest upcoming stars, a concert is a great idea. I was lucky enough to get tickets to Def Leppard/Journey for Valentine’s Day this year! Happy dance!

Though the concert is several months away, the anticipation of a night dancing and singing along to my favorite songs is almost overwhelming! I have seen both bands before and can’t wait for another great experience. Memories!!

5. Travel Themed Jewelry

I like jewelry. I can’t say that I love it, but I can say that I absolutely LOVE my travel jewelry! Every time I put on my earrings that I got in Puerto Rico or my Brighton charm bracelet from Hawaii it makes me happy!

Whether it is something that reminds you have someplace you have been or inspires you to plan your next great adventure, travel themed jewelry is sure to be a big hit with the traveler in your life!

Etsy seller - woodlack

6. Personalized Photo Album

So you and your sweetheart have had some great adventures together. Your Facebook and Instagram pages are full of photos documenting your travels. But isn’t it nice to have some actual photos you can hold and admire?

I love displaying travel pictures all over my house. They make me smile. So why not collect all of your favorite photos into one place that you can have and cherish for years to come?

I found this one on Etsy and am in love!

7. Travel Magazine Subscription

Daydreaming about my next adventure is one of my favorite pastimes. There are so many places in this world that I hope to someday visit and I love reading about far and exotic locations. There is nothing like having a monthly escape that you can enjoy from the comforts of your own home.

So whether they simply use the magazine to live vicariously through the travels of others or use it to help plan their next adventure, it is sure to make the vacation loving person in your life happy!

Etsy seller - thebranchandthevine

8. Travel Fund Jar

Whether you are saving for your dream trip to Hawaii or a more local weekend getaway, all adventures have one thing in common. They take money! A travel fund is a great way to not only help with vacation expenses but for me seeing the jar on my dresser getting more and more full also builds the anticipation of upcoming vacations.

A personalized travel jar will let your sweetheart know how much you look forward to your travels together. How romantic!

As Valentine’s Day draws near my wish for each of you is to have a day filled with friends, family and love. Cherishing each moment. Just like the hubby and I, as we just keep collecting memories as we go.

3 thoughts on “8 Non-Traditional Valentine’s Gift Ideas

  1. What great ideas! Each one a hit. Keep dreaming, saving, and making beautiful memories together. You two are very lucky.

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