In just over one month the hubby and I will be going on our 26th wedding anniversary trip. I knew I wanted to visit someplace tropical and ultimately decided the way to get the most bang for our buck was to take a cruise. So in 5 weeks we will be sailing from Port Canaveral to the Bahamas!

As we are anxiously awaiting our vacation I have been thinking a lot about cruising. This will be the third cruise I have been on and it has brought back a lot of great memories from my past trips.

My first cruise was in 2003. This was a birthday trip with my best friend. After we both turned 30 in April we decided to celebrate this momentous event with a girls’ getaway.

My bestie’s sister had recently gotten married and opted to cruise for their honeymoon so the four of us all headed down to New Orleans to begin our adventure! We were able to spend a day in NOLA before our departure and took in some of it’s must see sights.

We stayed in the Warehouse district which was in easy walking distance of the French Quarter. We walked down Bourbon Street and ate beignets. The highlight of our trip to New Orleans for me, however, was definitely eating at Emeril’s. This was my first “fancy” restaurant experience and I’ve been hooked ever since!

After boarding our Carnival cruise ship we then set out on our Caribbean adventure on the high seas! Some of my most vivid memories from our vacation include the clear blue water, laughing and dancing at the karaoke bar and eating more “fancy” food in the formal dining room. One of the advantages of there being four of us was being able to sit together in the dining room. No awkward eating with strangers!

We had such a great time that the following year I took another cruise, this one with the family. We drove down to Galveston Texas to board the Carnival Elation. We visited our first Rainforest Cafe with the kids while there and they had a blast!

Then it was time to board our ship! Since the kids were young, 10 and 11, we all shared a cabin. Let me tell you that was close quarters! But we didn’t spend much time in our room. There was too much to do!

The kids loved Camp Carnival! The hubby and I loved relaxing by the pool. It was definitely a win-win situation! In the evening the hubby and I would dress up and go to the dining room while the kids hung out with the Camp Carnival group. On “formal” night they did join us in the dining room but weren’t really impressed.

There were shows to watch each night and of course the on shore excursions! We docked at Cozumel first. We took a taxi to the beach and enjoyed the crystal clear water and even tried some snorkeling. I could have stayed there for days!

Our next stop was Belize. Trying to save money we decided not to do any excursions but just explore on our own. However when you left the pretty tourist area it was very sketchy and definitely not someplace to take kids. We did hear some great stories of tubing through the rainforest though. Maybe next time!

Learning from past experiences I hope to make the absolute most of our upcoming cruise. The countdown is on and I’m absolutely ready for some R & R! Excited to see more of this big beautiful world as the hubby and I just keep collecting memories as we go!

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  1. Wonderful! You and Allen will have a blast I’m sure! The kids looked like they did last time. They grew up while I wasn’t looking.

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