In the past couple of years we have been blessed to visit 3 gorgeous, tropical beaches. While, in my opinion, every beach is beautiful they are not all the same. So, on this cold snowy day in Missouri I’m going to go on a little trip down memory lane and write about one of my favorite things, the beach!

In July of 2016 the hubby and I traveled to Puerto Rico. This was a rough time in my life. My daughter had just gotten married and my plans of possibly changing careers were not to be. Mini-midlife crisis was on the horizon and I knew I needed to get some new perspective on my life.

Although I hadn’t been to the beach in several years I somehow just KNEW that visiting the ocean was just what I needed. Puerto Rico was certainly not on my list of places to go, but it had the most important thing, a beach! So off to San Juan we went!

So, about the beach. Although it was tranquil and calming to my soul, it wasn’t perfect. The views were breathtaking. However, the current was rough and we were under red flag warnings every day we were there. So it was definitely best to enjoyed from a distance.

Fast forward 8 months, we are heading to another tropical locale to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary. This would be our dream vacation to sunny Oahu. We had planned and hoped for this trip for MANY years and were so excited for the dream to become reality.

We stayed directly on Waikiki Beach. I mean how perfect is that? For someone who loves the ocean it was heaven.

But Oahu has so many beautiful beaches. We were able to travel up the coast and take in some spectacular views.

Snorkeling was something we also really wanted to experience while on our anniversary adventure so we visited Hanauma Bay. It is VERY popular and for very good reason. It is spectacular. Seeing the beautiful fish swimming directly under us was actually kind of astonishing. A memory I will always cherish.

Taking our rented Jeep up to the North Shore was another highlight of our Hawaiian trip. The views we were able to take in were definitely worth the drive. This is the part of Oahu where surfers come to ride the large waves. So while beautiful, it is definitely not the spot for casual swimmers like us. But, oh the views!

With all of the beautiful coastline that Oahu offers, Waikiki Beach, for me, is just about as close to perfection as you can get. Whether looking at the breathtaking sunrises, swaying in the gentle waves or lying in a private cabana on the beach there is absolutely nothing like it!

Visiting the beach was so perfect for me that while still in Oahu we actually began planning our next tropical vacation! This trip was inspired by my cousin who suggested a trip to Mexico in October. I was definitely interested!

Puerto Vallarta Mexico was the next tropical paradise we were lucky enough to visit. With our resort directly on the beach we were able to take in some of the sunsets that Puerto Vallarta is famous for.

Los Muertos Beach was magical. The sunsets phenomenal. Picturesque. However, for me, best enjoyed from a far.

Since it was my 3rd trip to the beach I know my difficulty navigating the beach wasn’t just because I’m a chubby old lady! I can’t really describe it but entering the water was great. The current gentle. But then you had to eventually get out.

That is when the trouble began. Having been warned that there was a ledge you would have to climb up on to get out really didn’t prepare for the comedy of errors that ensued.

So after the first couple of days I was merely a spectator to all of the other more adventurous beach goers. The most spectacular view I experienced when in Puerto Vallarta was while out to dinner one evening.

Of all of the beach views I’ve experienced this one was the most magical. Eating directly on the beach gave us a front row seat to the most spectacular sunset I’ve ever seen.

We were also able to collect some great seashells from the beach and made some jewelry to serve as reminders of our time spent in paradise.

As I am sitting inside my house watching the snow fall outside I’m thinking about our upcoming beach vacation. In 2 months we will be going on a cruise to the Bahamas. I’ve heard that the beaches there are THE BEST!

Not sure how they can possibly compete with my favorite, Waikiki Beach, but I sure will have fun finding out! Traveling to new and exotic locations is one of my favorite ways that the hubby and I just keep collecting memories as we go.

29 thoughts on “Beaches

  1. So jealous! I was supposed to take my Spanish students there but had to change to a california trip during the Zika outbreak because I was trying to get pregnant at the time! 🙁 I’ll try to plan a trip there again in the future!

  2. My husband is not a beach guy (doesn’t like too much sun or crowds) but he has agree to put Hawaii on our bucket list as long as it’s not ALL about the beaches! I loved reading this post tonight because the snow is falling again outside in New York tonight, too.

  3. My husband and I never had a honeymoon but had the chance to go to Puerto Rico and had a great time. The food was good but the sights were even better. A nice short flight to paradise.

  4. Love, love, love Waikiki beach!!! I haven’t gotten to experience the Bahamas either, but your right, it’ll be hard to compare.

  5. I lived vicariously through you throughout that whole post. Thanks! It’s a snowy and cold winter’s evening here in NY, so I really needed a trip to the beach (es). Ahhh, much better now, please pass the sunscreen.

  6. I have never been but would love to visit Hawaii. You pics are amazing! It looks like you really enjoyed yourselves. 😊

  7. Oh Hawaii…all the feels here! Waikiki was so fun when we went! The Bahamas are great too but something about Hawaii is just so perfect. Cant wait to read about your cruise! Enjoy!

  8. Any beach is my happy pace! We live in the northern Nevada desert and don’t visit the ocean as much as I’d like. Thank you for letting me live vicariously through you!

  9. I had just pulled the blinds down because I was getting snow blindness even though I LOVE the snow. Sat back down with iPad and your blog popped up. Wonderful blog as usual and just what I needed today!

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