Travel’s Ugly Truth

I guess I should consider myself very lucky. We’ve all watched videos or heard about airline horror stories. Being stuck in the airport for hours and even days. Being literally dragged off of an airplane. Scary stuff.

Up until now I have only had a few minor inconveniences when flying. Having to sit at the gate while repairs were being made. Delays due to weather. Luckily have never missed a connection or had to run like crazy to make a flight.

I really try to roll with the punches when traveling. Things don’t always happen according to plan, but that’s just part of the whole experience. So I just try to remember that everything that occurs is part of the adventure.

The hubby and I are going to Chicago in less than 2 weeks. We booked our flight at a local airport for a great price several weeks ago. The airline was small and had very limited flights available but we found what we needed.

We then proceeded to plan our entire trip. Taking vacation from work. Booking a hotel. Purchasing tickets to a game. All of these things were done in anticipation of having a great getaway.

Then I got the phone call today. The airport cancelled our flights. We could either get a refund or go on a different flight.

Maybe I’m naive but I honestly was dumbfounded. The alternate flights weren’t for a different time on the same day or even a day before or after. They offered me a flight either 4 days earlier or 10 days after our original reservation.

Really! You’ve got to be kidding me! Anyone who knows me well can imagine how that conversation went. I told the airline representative that I was sure that the Chicago Bulls would change their schedule to accommodate the change, no problem!

I’ve been accused of being snarky. Go figure.

Obviously, I took the refund. Then came the task of finding an alternative. We ended up booking at a different airport, different airline, different price. The cost is more than twice as much as our original flight.

Not much I can do though. Have to get there somehow.

So after completely losing it with the airline representative on the phone I’m resigned to this new reality. If I let this continue to make me mad, what good would that do? Because really what will ruin my trip isn’t a cancelled flight, it’s if I let my frustration keep me from enjoying all that we will see and do on our trip.

So what’s the ugly truth? We are virtually at the mercy of the airlines. Sure if we have a bad experience with a airline we can choose another one in the future, but what about the here and now? They can offer use refunds or to re-book, but what if we don’t want that? Too bad.

Despite all of the potential negatives that can occur when flying, it remains my favorite way to travel. I know now to always be prepared for last minute hiccups and expenses. I also know to not let my emotions get the better of me, it does absolutely no good. Because as much as I would like to say I will never use that particular airline again, in reality, if an awesome deal came up, I’d probably have to give them another try. The bargain shopper in me just wouldn’t be able to resist. So I guess I will just have to continue to learn tips and tricks to make using airlines easier.

In order to do that I guess I need to keep vacationing. But I will make that sacrifice if I must as the hubby and I keep collecting memories as we go.

5 thoughts on “Travel’s Ugly Truth

  1. I love reading these, Lisa! I’m living through you for right now as I sit and heal from my big “no regrets” decision to make one of my dreams become reality.
    I’ve always known you’re a fun lady, but at work we don’t always get to show those sides of ourselves, and sometimes we don’t feel ‘fun’ at work.. but these make me wanna go with you guys and have fun!! Lol!
    Keep sharing!

  2. I’m so sorry they cancelled your flight.☹️ But totally glad you were able to find flights to accommodate your vacation. Yes you’re right this is hindsight will be part of the experience. Have lots of fun! Go Bulls!

  3. Very informative. You could have drove… I know not as fun! Keep them coming. Anticipating our trip to Ok. Rosie would like to go if it’s atime she could.

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