Bringing Dia de los Muertos To Life

One of my favorite quotes about travel is “wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow”.  These words, first penned by Anita Desai, really speak to me. 

I love how every location I’ve been lucky enough to visit is now a part of me forever. Memories may fade but the person I am now is different from the one I was prior to experiencing new cultures, people and places. That is something that can never be taken away.

I love that the hubby and I have these shared memories and experiences. Sometimes I feel like it’s a private joke that only we know when we see or hear something that reminds us of our adventures and we just look at each other and smile.

As we learn about new cultures it is always nice to be able to bring part of that into our everyday life.  In Oahu we learned about the Aloha spirit.  Puerto Rico showed us how to relax and not get in a such a rush.  In Mexico we learned to see the beauty in so many different places and things.

When vacationing in Puerto Vallarta earlier this month I was able to see first hand some  awesome authentic Mexican art. Some of my favorites were sugar skull artwork celebrating Mexico’s Day of the Dead.

This ancient tradition honoring deceased loved ones with elaborate costumes, parades and festivals is celebrated on November 1 & 2. Being so close to Halloween, I thought what better way to keep my vacation memories alive than to dress up in the spirit of Dia de los Muertos.

We decided to throw a little Halloween bash at our home with some friends and family.  The hubby was quite adamant that he would NOT be dressing up, but I was very excited to hopefully recreate some of the beautiful sugar skull artwork I had seen while vacationing.

For the clothes I went super easy with an embroidered peasant style top and black pants. I had seen some exquisite dresses in Mexico but I was going for comfort all the way!

Next came the headpiece. For my floral crown I started with a clearance aisle flowered headband from WalMart that I added more flowers and ribbon to.  I thought it turned out pretty good for bargain shopping.

I got VERY lucky with the makeup. I’m not artistic in this way at all, but lucky for me my son’s girlfriend is creative and was generous enough to do my makeup for me. She prefers doing the gory Halloween stuff but I really appreciated her bringing my sugar skull dream to life.

We had a great night eating, drinking, visiting and playing games. I had zombies, wizards, superheroes, soldiers, a colorful owl and even the comic character Maxine in my house and I loved it!

The hubby and I are so thankful for our friends and family. We love the opportunity to get together and experience moments that will become cherished memories.

So whether exploring the world or hanging out at home, we will always know how blessed we are to be able to just keep collecting memories as we go.

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