Capturing Vacation Memories In Pictures 

Indulge me for a moment as I totally show how truly old I am. Back in my day, pictures were something we usually only took on special occasions and then inevitably we would forget about them and months later find the film canister, having no idea what was on them. 

Then, if you thought about it, you would take it to the photo shop to be developed. Does anyone remember the little drive up photo shops?

Anyway, I digress. Then when we picked up the photographs it was like opening presents on Christmas morning. Look, surprise, it’s so and so’s birthday from 8 months ago.

Of course these pictures would most often be out of focus, cutting off someone’s head or arm and of course there was the dreaded red eye! 
How times have changed! With these little minicomputers we all carry in our pockets we can instantly take (almost) professional quality pictures anytime and anyplace.  Amazing! And don’t even get me started on the endless selfies we all take. Don’t try to deny it, we are all guilty!

So I can’t think of a better reason to put these photography skills to work than on vacation. After all you have beautiful scenery, exciting adventures and happy faces, can’t think of anything better!

When on our recent trip to Puerto Vallarta Mexico we really hit the photo loving jackpot! Beautiful beaches, unique architecture and amazing sunsets provided a gorgeous backdrop for capturing all of our favorite vacation memories.

El Centro/Zona Romantica 

Downtown Puerto Vallarta is full of amazing old buildings and tons of local artists that provide so much color and character. There were also some iconic places that absolutely begged to be photographed! We had such a great time looking at all of the street artists and amazing art along the Malecón.

Between the picturesque cathedral, Los Muertos Pier and Malecón there was so much beauty to see and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity. Because not only did I get to see amazing things but I got to experience this with amazing people as well.

It was also the location of Pipi’s. A favorite restaurant that we all loved. Let’s just say that memories of this place will always bring a smile to my face.

The Marina

The marina also provided the location of some of my favorite pictures as well. Millions of dollars worth of yachts, restaurants with amazing views and lots of local charm make this area really special.

It was during this little outing that we also saw some HUGE iguanas and were on the lookout for crocodiles!

If it hadn’t been so stinking hot I would have loved to have explored this area even more and fantasize about taking one of those gorgeous boats out to sea and living like someone from Lifestyle’s of the Rich and Famous.

The Food!

The food we were lucky enough to enjoy on the trip was amazing! Some of the dishes were true works of art. And since our memories can often be triggered by smells and tastes it only makes sense to immortalize the culinary creations we chowed down on!

These yummy morsels also bring back memories of awesome times and places that I will never forget!

While taking pictures is a lot of fun and capturing memories is very important, it’s much more important to not spend all of your time searching for the perfect photo op. I have actually seen a mom posing her young daughters for the perfect “candid” shot. This picture took multiple tries and the girls were really tired of it all in the end.

That’s one of the reason I only take pre-concert selfies when the hubby and I go to watch a favorite artist. We are there to sing and dance and just enjoy being together and in the moment, not to take pictures.

But stay tuned, there will be more pictures coming your way as the hubby and I just keep collecting memories as we go.

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  1. Pictures are an important part of vacation! At least I think so! I love all your pictures! Helps us see what you’re talking about when you’re describing your trip!

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