One Magical Night In Puerto Vallarta 

​​Puerto Vallarta Mexico is famous for many things. Whale watching, beautiful beaches and unique local art to just name a few. However the thing I was perhaps most excited about was viewing it’s spectacular sunsets.

On our recent vacation to Puerto Vallarta we seemed to always be eating dinner at dusk and only viewing the sun setting into the horizon from afar. There is nothing like watching the sun dropping down over the ocean. When we were on our 25th Anniversary trip to Oahu people would line Waikiki beach and applaud as the sun finally dipped down, disappearing into the blue of the ocean.

So when we arrived at our beach side restaurant for dinner we could not have chosen a more perfect time to make our reservation or a more perfect location for a front row seat to God’s spectacular light show. La Palapa had been highly recommended and we were eager to try the menu, but really the view was the first thing to impress.

Located south of downtown Puerto Vallarta, in what is known as the Zona Romantica, directly on Los Muertos beach, La Palapa has been in business since 1959. And when I say directly on the beach that’s exactly what I mean.

The hubby and I have been lucky to have eaten at some great beach-side restaurants on recent trips to Hawaii and Puerto Rico but we have never eaten actually ON the beach. But this was no casual picnic. Linen table clothes, umbrellas and electric fans were all set up the make dining as comfortable as possible in the Puerto Vallarta heat. Not to mention the chilled washcloths we were given upon arrival. Fancy!

But back to the whole reason for going, the food! The appetizers were works of art, with the hubby opting for coconut shrimp and it was the grilled peach salad for me. Wonderful!

Next we were all given a tablespoon of raspberry sorbet “to cleanse our palates” before the main course. Told you it was fancy! We were also able to continue to watch the sun setting over the water. Awwwwe.

In addition to the beautiful sunset we also had an awesome view of Los Muertos Pier. Although initially built in the 1960’s it wasn’t until the renovation in 2013 that it went from being a simple pier to being a true work of art.

As our entrees arrived and the sun continued to set, the pier started to almost come alive. Starting at the base of the structure, it slowly became illuminated in purple and blue light. Spectacular! But I’m getting ahead of myself. Back to the food!

Gourmet doesn’t even do it justice. I had the seafood risotto with fish, shrimp, scallops and octopus. Magnificent! Little did I know that the best was yet to come.

It started lightly raining just as the we finished our entrees and the sun finished setting, so we opted to head back inside the restaurant for dessert and coffee. We had been having an after dinner coffee each night and loving it so we definitely wanted to try the Mexican Flaming Coffee that was on the menu. Little did I know that it wasn’t just a yummy drink but a spectacular after dinner show as well.


Wow! As we sat there totally enthralled by the amazing fire display in front of us we were served our dessert. We opted for the goat cheese cheesecake. Perfection!

As the coffee making production continued we were also being serenaded by live musicians. It may seem silly but even thinking about it now I get a little teary eyed. I mean how does a girl from a tiny town in Missouri end up on a beautiful beach in Puerto Vallarta surrounded by loved ones watching a spectacular sunset and enjoying a phenomenal meal? Truly magical.

As we walked along the boardwalk to catch a taxi back to our hotel we got an up close view of the magnificent Los Muertos Pier. The lights were so impressive but really the entire Zona Romantica was almost glowing in all of the lights from restaurants and shops that seemed to be inviting passersby to come in and enjoy. I definitely know why it’s called the romantic zone!

On a trip filled with so many memorable moments this night is my absolute favorite. It truly was magical. It’s those kind of nights that inspire me to continue to plan vacations for the future, hoping to experience more magical moments as the hubby and I just keep collecting memories as we go.

16 thoughts on “One Magical Night In Puerto Vallarta 

  1. So pretty. Looks like you had a great time. I love Hawaii! There’s a Dear America book I read when I was little called “I Thought My Soul Would Rise and Fly” and I think of that phrase whenever I think of being in a place with wide-open, beautiful ocean views like these. 🙂

  2. Fun experience! I have only been to Puerto Vallarta as a quick stop on a cruise, we might have to try it out as a vacation spot at some point. The food looks fabulous, and what a fun experience to eat on the beach.

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