What’s On Your Bucket List?

10 years ago a movie featured a term that spawned an entire movement. Although common now, prior to the 2007 movie of the same name, a bucket list was a relative unknown. This list is comprised of the things you would like to accomplish before you ‘kick the bucket’. Now you can go to Google and find a bucket list for absolutely everything and everyone. I’ve seen people making bucket lists for their pets, children and specific lists regarding travel along with a variety of others.

I’m probably one of the only people on the planet who had never watched the film responsible for all of this fuss. Until recently. I watched this movie, starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, thinking that I knew what to expect. But I was wrong.

Although dealing with the very serious topic of death, I expected the film to focus on the adventures of 2 unlikely friends who both just happened to have terminal illnesses. I had seen the commercials watching them skydive and race cars, so I was expecting a lighthearted comedy/drama. So needless to say, I was unprepared for the emotional response evoked as these 2 men come to terms with their own mortality. In other words, I cried like a baby.

I’m all about living a life of no regrets. That is the core of the bucket list mentality. I’ve often thought about my own list of things I would like to see and do before I meet my maker. You’ll notice I wrote ‘see and do’ not ‘own or have’. Because in the end, we can’t take things with us, but we can have memories. And how important is it for our loved ones to have memories of us after we are gone? Having lost both of my parents and all of my grandparents all I have left are memories, and you better believe I cherish each and every one.

One observation I’ve made about bucket lists is that they are constantly evolving. Just like I’m not the same person I was 20 years ago, my list now is, I’m quite certain, different from what it would have been as a young woman. So I’m sure that the list I’ve compiled now will change, but I wanted to share it anyway.

So here it is – My Bucket List

  • Go somewhere that requires a passport 
  • Visit Washington D.C.
  • Watch a broadway musical
  • Visit New England in the fall
  • RUN a 5k
  • Mediterranean cruise
  • Revisit Puerto Rico
  • Go to the opera
  • Train ride through Europe
  • Visit all NBA arenas
  • Tour lighthouses in the Carolinas

I’ve been blessed in my life. This year alone I’ve done several things that I would deem ‘bucket list worthy’. I went to Hawaii and climbed Diamond Head, snorkeled in Hanauma Bay and visited Pearl Harbor. It was truly a once in a lifetime kind of trip.

As this post is being published I’m crossing another thing off of my list – I’m using my passport for the very first time. Puerto Vallarta Mexico will be the first stamp in my passport book. My goal is to completely fill the pages, but we’ll see.

When traveling to someplace new I’m always keenly aware of how fortunate I am for the opportunity. But these trips didn’t just magically happen. They occurred because we chose to sacrifice in other areas in order to have experiences that would then become cherished memories. Do you want you children or grandchildren to remember you had a nice house and new car or do you want them to have recollections of laughter, fun and play?

In my opinion that’s the heart of a bucket list. Gathering as many moments as you can to fill your bucket to overflowing. That’s why the hubby and I just keep on collecting memories as we go. And I hope you do as well.

So, what’s on your bucket list?

25 thoughts on “What’s On Your Bucket List?

  1. I don’t have a bucket list of my own, but you’ve inspired me. I think that movie is on Netflix. I think I’ll watch it with my husband and have us write out our bucket lists. We will be much more likely to do the things that are in our hearts to do if we write them down and talk about them.

  2. Loved this! I had never really thought about where the term came from. Great bucket list. I really need to put some thought into mine. Right now I feel like it mainly consists of getting the kids to school on time and finding time to eat healthy meals. Obviously, I need to look at the bigger picture, lol!

  3. This is great…I have a bucket list in my head, but have never actually written one down! Now I will!

    I definitely want a stamp in my passport, visit Korea (where I was born), my daughter and I want to visit every Disney theme park, go on a cruise…sheesh maybe I shouldn’t write it down 😉 I need another job. Ha!

  4. I have a “mental” Bucket List, but you have made me put pen to paper and make a list! And by the way, I also cried like a baby at the movie, and was also taken by surprise – thought it would be more comedic.

  5. i love the idea of a bucket list but never made one. i think I’m going to make one this week. life is what you make of it and you need to push yourself to get it all done. i want to run a 5k too lol.. maybe 2018 will be my year.

  6. Great bucket list! I love that you say see and do instead of own or have. No bucket list here yet. I spent a lot of time working and for myself before I had children and have now realized that I want my life to be full of family love.

  7. I love Bucket Lists…we have several lists…one that is “Someday” which is something that is possible and can be done, but just not now and we try to achieve it within a timeframe….and another list called “Another-day”…which is something that is not as tangible, but could be achieved in our lifetime with some effort (ie. physically, financially, etc). Lists are amazing tools to achieve something. A checkmark = a feeling of achievement!

  8. Life is short! This is something I realize more and more with every year..I love that you plan on enjoying every moment..I keep telling myself I will do all things I want to someday when I have more time..but another is never a guarantee..thank you for the reminder!

  9. I love your list! I am actually in the middle of one of my bucket list items as we speak – I am in Egypt surrounded by ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and sailing down the Nile River!

  10. I have so many places I want to see and experiences to have. I want to go somewhere in Asia. Thailand is my dream. I want a true tropical beach vacation like the Maldives.

  11. I have seen the movie! It’s been a while but I remember the premise. I also have a bucket list and working on to achieving it every day! 🙂

  12. Long before the movie ever came out I had my “100 things to do before I die” list. I started calling it a bucket list after the movie though.

  13. What a great post. Even though I’m in my 50’s, I still find my bucket list constantly evolving! As such, it’s comforting to think that that just means I’ve got a looooong way to go. 😉

  14. “Collect memories, not things.” I live in New England and it certainly is beautiful in the fall. I love your list. I have Italy, Ireland and Greece on my list.

  15. So true! Everyone should have an attitude like yours. I am going to work harder to achieve my bucket list. Mine also is also places to go and places to see! Good job

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