All About That Base(ball)

We are BIG baseball fans in our house. Living in Missouri we have not just 1 but 2 great professional teams to root on. This time of year is particularly exciting as the postseason is approaching.

My husband and son were lucky enough to watch the Cardinals in a World Series game in 2014. I was so jealous! Going to a World Series game is on my bucket list so when the Kansas City Royals were going to be playing in the World Series in 2015 I knew I had to go!

This time it was my hubby, son and I who got to go and mark something off my bucket list. It was great! The atmosphere was electric. I had a true sense that I was witnessing something very special.

So now as October approaches we are anxiously waiting to see if our beloved Redbirds make into post season once again. This year didn’t start out so hot so they’ve been clawing their way back up, so only time will tell.

We watch baseball on TV, listen to baseball while we are driving in the car, but our FAVORITE way to experience baseball is live and in person! This year we have been to one Kansas City Royals ball game and to St. Louis three times. We would love the opportunity to watch our Redbirds play once again in the postseason in St. Louis this October.

We only live around 4 hours from St. Louis and in theory could easily drive to a game and go back home after. But what’s the fun in that? Last fall we stayed at the Westin St. Louis while attending some Cardinals baseball games. The proximity to Busch Stadium is the big selling point. You literally just walk across the street and you are there.

That being said, that’s really the only selling point. We didn’t have any particular problem with the hotel, it just wasn’t our favorite in St. Louis. But if just going to watch a ball game, it’s still a great choice for convenience.

This summer we stayed at the Chase Park Plaza while in St. Louis for some games. While not as convenient as the Westin, the Chase was AWESOME! This beautiful hotel has a great pool and phenomenal service. We were able to easily Uber to and from Busch Stadium for the games. So we will definitely keep this hotel in mind, especially for extended stays.

But for now I will have to settle for watching games at home as I continue to cheer on my Cardinals. And at our house we don’t just give lip service to supporting our team. We have an entire room devoted to our baseball memorabilia. We would love to continue to add to our collection with some more World Series souvenirs.

So everyone put on your rally caps, keep an eye out for the rally cat and rally squirrel and hope that the postseason is kind to the Redbirds. I just hate for the season to end because I’d love to make some more memories with my hubby here in Cardinals Nation.

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