Keeping Vacation Memories Alive

Three of my all time favorite things in life are travel, shopping and decorating. So if I get the opportunity to combine my three loves I am a very happy girl. This is exactly what I got to do during our recent trip to Hawaii.

While still in the planning stages of our anniversary trip I was already thinking about the souvenirs I would be bringing back home with me. When our daughter moved out and got married last year we decided to make her old room into a guest bedroom. And what better theme to have than travel?

Having a blank canvas, I knew I wanted it to not only be vacationed themed, but specifically have a beach vibe. Oahu would be the ideal place to pick up some great keepsakes to decorate our new guest bedroom. Sand, shells and driftwood were readily available and perfect for bringing that beach vibe to our corner of Missouri.

Luckily for me, maybe not so much for the hubby, there was still plenty of shopping to be done in search of the perfect tropical souvenirs. One thing I specifically was looking for was an Hawaiian quilt. The pictures I had seen were beautiful and would be the ideal addition to our room. Finding an authentic quilt, however, proved very difficult, even for an expert shopper like myself!

We searched dozens of shops for the perfect Hawaiian quilt. The problem we found was that NONE of them were actually made in Hawaii. Whether it was a flea market booth or an upscale boutique all of the “Hawaiian” quilts were made in either the Philippines or Taiwan or wherever else, but definitely NOT Hawaii!

So in the end I purchased an Hawaiian “designed” quilt that I love. Plus I have this fun story to tell 😁.

We found that many “Hawaiian” souvenirs we looked at were actually manufactured overseas but we did manage to find some authentic keepsakes to bring home. One of my favorites is this wooden piece of wall art. It was a little more expensive than the cheap knockoffs but totally worth it to me. Every time I look at it I am reminded of our Oahu trip and that makes me smile. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Another souvenir that I always search for on any trip is the perfect refrigerator magnet. It may seem kinda silly but I walk by my fridge everyday so where better to keep a record of our travels? Plus they are cheap. The hubby loves that!

But back to my 3 loves – shopping, decorating and travel. When remodeling our master bathroom a few years ago it was really a no-brainer that it would be beach themed. I had so much fun shopping locally for the perfect items to give me the look I was trying to achieve. Hobby Lobby got a lot of business from me that year! Their selection is huge and I found many great things that really completed the look.

But really it will never be complete. Many years ago I watched a movie called Man of the House starring Farrah Faucet. It was some Disney Channel type movie about a single mom and her kids living on the beach. Now I don’t remember much at all about it but one thing has stayed with me all of these years.

It was the beach collage. It started as a net and a few shells and they added to it over the years. Driftwood, shells and other beach finds, each one evoking a specific memory. I thought it was perfect and wanted to start this tradition as well.

So now when vacationing I am always scouring the beaches for something to add to our memory collage. Just another way of memorializing the times spent with my loved ones. Because that’s really what it’s all about. Making memories. And the hubby and I plan to keep on collecting memories as we go.

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