I ❤️ Vacations – The Surprising Ways Travel Has Changed My Life

Recently I have developed an addiction that doesn’t require an intervention or 12 step program. I LOVE to travel! It literally consumes my thoughts on a daily basis. I mean I even started this travel blog!

I have often heard people talking about how travel changes a person. How seeing different cultures opens your eyes to a whole new world. This has certainly been the case for me. But there are countless other great things travel gives us.

There are proven health benefits to vacationing. Stress levels have been shown to decrease in people who actually use their vacation days to get away and decompress. People who travel on a regular basis also tend to report better overall health as well as lower blood pressure, improved immune system and longer life expectancy.

No education is complete without learning about different countries. While we can read about different places and people in a book at school there is really no replacement for actually visiting a new country to truly gain knowledge. Learning a second, or third or fourth, language is something I would love to do and what better way than to go where English isn’t the primary language spoken?

Geography has always been something I have struggled with. I never took a geography class in high school or college and am embarrassingly bad at it. Over the years I have tried to improve in this area, but planning my trip to Hawaii last year really pushed me to educate myself. I studied the map of Oahu for hours while making our itinerary.

Travel is also very important for families. Getting away from the day to day activities that can overwhelm us at times and reconnecting with our spouse and children is priceless. This also gives us an opportunity to just play, something we often forget to do.

While all of these benefits of travel are awesome, you can read about them pretty much anywhere and are exactly what I expected. But what I have actually received from travel has been SO much more!

I have written before how going to the beach is like therapy to me. There is something so soothing and therapeutic about the ocean. But while I don’t find quite the same level of tranquility inland, any type of travel provides some degree of calm and relaxation that can’t be beat.

I’ve never been what you would call an optimist. I classify myself as more of a realist, recognizing that things aren’t always rainbows and butterflies. However when vacationing I find myself looking for the positive in all that I see and do.

When trying a jalapeño margarita on vacation I didn’t think to myself “wow, this is horrible, why did I order that?” Instead I thought how lucky I was to be able to try something new while in Puerto Rico. This is definitely not my natural tendency.

Being adventurous is definitely something I’ve never been accused of being. But in order to get the most of my vacation experiences I have had to step out of my comfort zone. Hiking Diamond Head required overcoming my fear of heights, but I did it! I’ve got to say that I really like vacation Lisa and I hope she starts sticking around more often!

I also find myself searching for the beauty in everything around me. I’m certainly not a professional photographer but I still want to capture the best possible images of my all of my vacation experiences. These pictures will be a physical reminder of the times spent with my family and friends and are much more important than just the typical selfie.

Perhaps the biggest surprise has been how traveling has inspired my creativity. I mean, I’m writing a blog! What?!?! I haven’t written since my senior year of high school 25+ years ago and never knew how much I would enjoy the entire writing experience.

Not only do I enjoy the actual process of chronicling my travels, but have also found that I truly want to share with others and hopefully connect in a real and meaningful way. I hope to inspire others to spend time with their families, making memories and cherishing each moment.

My goal in life is to LIVE every minute that I have on this earth. There is so much more to life than housework, jobs and mortgages! I plan on having as many experiences and creating as many memories as I can so that I can truly live a life with no regrets. I also plan on writing about those moments as me and the hubby keep on collecting memories as we go!

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  1. Lisa this is beautiful. It made me tear up. You are soooo fortunate to of found Vacation Lisa this early in life! Family and beautiful memories are.what life is about. Can’t wait to meet her in a couple of weeks!!

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