Date Night at the Alamo

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So there is this guy I’ve been dating. It’s been going on for quite a while and I guess you could say it’s pretty serious. For almost 30 years now I’ve been going on date nights with this hottie and I hope we never stop!

The hubby and I recently celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and one thing I attribute to our longevity is the fact that we still go out and act like teenagers sometimes. Date nights are a great way to remind us why we got together in the first place. When we were raising our kids it was easy to get caught up doing the whole parenting thing and forget that long before diapers and ball games, we were sweethearts first. And even now that our children are grown we can get so busy with the house, work and life that we occasionally need to reconnect and just be us.

So this week for date night we decided to try out the new Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Springfield, Missouri. There are Alamo’s all over but this is the first in our area and we were excited to give it a try. Since a typical date night for us consists of dinner and a movie we thought this would be perfect.

This particular cinema is in the newly remodeled location of a theater we had visited often but even from the outside it was easy to see that things were going to be a little different now. The outside marquee is a work of art and sets the tone for the entire movie going experience. Also seeing the outside seating/bar area was another clue to what was waiting for us inside.

After checking in at the ticket counter because we had booked our seats online we headed to the bar. I must say that this was quite swanky, not at all what I expected to find at a movie theater and actually put most of the area bars to shame. And talk about a selection! It’s not called a drafthouse for nothing!

The drink selection was extensive and a little bit daunting but the bartender was awesome with his recommendations. So with drinks in hand we headed toward our theater to find our seats. And comfy seats they were! Just like sitting at home in your favorite recliner.

Once seated we were greeted by our server who explained how the whole thing works. We would choose from the menu and write our orders down on the paper provided and place them for the server to pick up. The food and drink selection was awesome! Kind of like a trendy sports bar with unique items that all sounded great.

While trying to decide what to order we were treated to the Alamo’s custom pre-show which was much better than the usual movie theater advertisements. Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan inspired little movie snippets were entertaining in their own right and free with the cost of admission.

After placing our orders we got comfy as the main attraction started. We opted to see a new comedy action film. No chick flicks on this date night! This is probably a good point to talk about the movie selections that the Alamo shows because in addition to the newest blockbusters they also will play modern classics and even make an entire dinner menu around the movie. I can’t wait to try one of their themed nights!

The server brought our food to us in full stealth mode so as not to disrupt the movie watching. Then we chowed down! It was delicious and much better than the usual movie theater fare. But have no fear! If you are craving some popcorn and candy they have that as well. We had hoped to try one of there signature milkshakes but we were stuffed so that will have to wait until next time.

And a next time there will be! Because I guarantee you that on a future date night we will ‘remember the Alamo’. (You really didn’t think I could write this post without throwing in that little gem did you?) 😁

So whether on vacation on a tropical beach or simply on a date night at the movies, the hubby and I will keep on being us, side by side, as we keep collecting memories as we go.

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