Beach Hair, Don’t Care

When going on vacation I want to be able to relax and unwind. I also don’t want to have to worry about how I look. When lying on the beach or by the pool my hair is the last thing I want to be thinking about, but I can go from perfectly coifed to crazy woman in less than 5 minutes. I’m sure I have all of your sympathy, complaining about beach hair, but I must tell you the struggle is real!

My hair is pretty short but that doesn’t stop the ocean breezes from wreaking havoc and no amount of hairspray can prevent the inevitable disaster to my ‘do. When on a cruise I even resorted to getting the Bo Derek ’10’ cornrows. Let me tell you that was something to see. And no, I will not be showing any pictures here.

I have never been a hat person. Always thought I had a funny shaped head and my hair just made it look weird. But I quickly found out that when at the beach a hat is a MUST HAVE! Since my trip to Puerto Rico last year I will never go on another vacation without at least one.

I currently own 3 hats that I will be taking on my next trip, which happens to be to be directly on the beach in Puerto Vallarta. I will be taking a ball cap which is great for casual outings and I particularly loved wearing it when driving with the top down on our Jeep when vacationing in Hawaii.

I also have a wide brim woven sun hat that is perfect for lounging by the pool. It is great to protect my face from the sun and for after swimming when my hair is matted down on my head while simultaneously sticking up in crazy directions. This particular hat also packs great, folding up nicely while still holding its shape.

My newest hat is a fedora. I bought it at a local shop and am dying for an opportunity to try it out! Lucky for me my next beach vacation is less than a month away so the wait won’t be long!

Now the hubby, on the other hand, has always worn a hat. He automatically puts one on every morning and feels weird when not wearing one. He has countless ball caps, but we found that when at the beach he really needed something with more coverage to protect him from the sun.

I plan on having many more beach vacations in my future and also plan on continuing to add to my hat collection. I feel it is my obligation to help keep the beaches and poolsides beautiful by protecting them from my crazy beach hair as we continue to travel and see more of this world that God has given us to enjoy. So until next time, keep collecting memories!

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