Our Gateway Getaway 

While I wish that all vacations could be of the weeklong beach variety sadly that’s not the case. Living in the Midwest I’ve yet to find many ocean views nearby but one thing we do have going for us in Missouri is AWESOME sports teams! So when we had a few days off work the hubby and I headed to St. Louis for some Cardinals baseball. I was born in Kansas City so I grew up watching the Royals but after moving to southwest Missouri, which is definitely Cardinals country, I also became a Cards fan. Honestly I love them both and my husband loves sports period so it’s a win-win situation for sure.

But before getting down to the serious business of watching baseball we had the 6th installment in our summer of concerts tour – Guns N’ Roses

I have to admit that I bought these tickets strictly out of curiosity. I had seen recent photos of Axl Rose and wondered if he was still able to put on a good show. The answer to that question – not so much. He looked rough and the concert was at most 40% singing and 60% guitar solos and while Slash is still great, a girl can only handle so much. That being said, absolutely no regrets about going to the concert. Night out with my sweetheart is what it’s all about.

A little fun fact for you – the last time GNR was in St Louis was in 1991 and Axl was arrested for inciting a riot by jumping into the audience and attacking a guy taking pictures which was a big no-no back then. That incident was dubbed the Riverport Riot. Boy, how times have changed! Now people spend more time taking pictures than actually paying attention to the show.

We were told that little tidbit of knowledge by our Uber driver, Melody, which brings me to my first piece of advice. You will pay $20-$30 for parking anyway so why not let someone else fight traffic? We used Uber several times on this trip and it was worth every penny!

For this trip we stayed at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel.

This is a beautiful hotel in the Forest Park area. We had never stayed here before but I promise you we will go back! The main selling feature for me was the pool. It had a fountain, great seating and full restaurant and bar service poolside. That’s what I’m talking about! One word of advice, get there early to snag a good seat because it’s a popular spot, especially on weekends.

From the valet to the room service this hotel has it all, including it’s own movie theater! This place is very swanky, but also very personable with great staff that were so accommodating. The price was comparable to when we stayed at the Westin across from Busch Stadium. While we liked staying so close to the ballpark, that was really the only great thing about that location. The Chase felt like home, or what I wish my home looked like at least! You know it’s a winner when on our final morning there my husband says “I wish we didn’t have to leave”. Score!!!

I found this little gem of a hotel while searching on Priceline. I almost always use Priceline.com when booking our trips and we have always been happy. I use the filters to narrow down my search and am always looking for a good deal. I stalked Priceline for a few days before being able to nab this hotel at a great bargain, but honestly the normal rate would have been well worth it!

But enough about the hotel, let’s talk food!

We were introduced to Imo’s last year and absolutely loved it, so couldn’t make another trip to St. Louis without getting our fix! This is a VERY no frills place, more focused on their to go orders and delivery, but we did eat inside the restaurant and what it lacked in ambience and it made up for in yumminess! It is a very thin crust pizza, but the secret to the awesomeness is the cheese! We had the Egg-ceptional pizza, which is like a breakfast pizza and it was so great that we had the leftovers cold for breakfast the following morning.

A friend, who LOVES food, told me about Lions Choice in St. Louis so we also gave them a try. Lions Choice is actually a Missouri based restaurant chain whose claim to fame is their roast beef sandwiches. How we had never heard of them in our little corner of SW Missouri is beyond me. The menu is similar to an Arby’s but the hubby was practically drooling as he dug into his sandwich and said it was the best roast beef sandwich he had ever eaten. This is fast food, so don’t expect anything fancy. The one we stopped at was actually attached to a gas station, but we trusted my friend’s advice were happy we did.

But don’t worry, it wasn’t all fast food and ballgame fare this trip. Did I mention that our hotel had room service?

Now to the main reason for this trip, Cardinals baseball! 3 games in 4 days, can you tell we are big fans? The first 2 games were night games and we had seats in nice covered areas with all you can eat AND drink. These tickets are pricey, but trust me there are people who more than get their money’s worth in free drinks alone. The view was also great and we didn’t have to climb the million steps to the cheap seats and I didn’t have to be terrified the entire time because let’s just say I don’t do heights well.

The 3rd game that we saw was a day game and me in my infinite wisdom got us tickets next to the bullpen. While the view couldn’t be beat, it is July in St. Louis. It was blazing hot and while we had left our seats to get some shade and some water, there was a home run actually hit into our area. Oops!

Our next “big” vacation is coming up in October and we can’t wait, but in the meantime this little weekend getaway was just what we needed to relax and unwind. Life can be tiring and hard so it’s important to seize any opportunity to enjoy being with the one’s you love and keep collecting memories as you go.

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  1. Love reading about your vacations/concerts. Thank you for sharing with us. Almost felt like we were right there with you.

    1. Drooling just thinking about the Lion’s Choice King Roast Beef with swiss cheese, extra seasoning dipped in the best horseradish sauce in the world…YUMMMMM

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