No Regrets

There is nothing like hitting mid-life to make you re-evaluate your priorities. Collecting “things” seems so unimportant to me now. Do my kids really remember the toy I bought them for Christmas when they were 12 or does the “must have” electronic they begged for still even work? But ask my kids about going to Chicago and watching the Cubs play at Wrigley Field or about our cruise to Cozumel and I bet you will get an earful. Memories last long after the journey and certainly longer than any gadget you can buy.

Believing the mantra that we will regret what we haven’t done in this life more often than the things we do I am trying to live a life with no regrets. OK, maybe not no regrets, but as few as humanly possible. Along that line of thinking my husband and I have had a very busy year.

Since our daughter was married in June of last year in Las Vegas we have been to Puerto Rico, a return trip to Las Vegas and to Oahu. I have also declared it to be the summer of concerts. From Def Leppard to New Kids on the Block and many others in between my husband has went along with me on my desperate attempt to relive my youth. Hubby, on the other hand, is a huge sports fan and since it can’t all be about me, we have also thrown in a few ball games along the way.

One thing about all of these different events is that they all didn’t just happen. They all took planning and lucky for us, I’m a planner! From booking hotels and airfare to planning excursions, the entire vacation planning process is like therapy to me. I live for it. We actually starting planning our upcoming trip to Puerto Vallarta while still on vacation in Honolulu. My cousin asked if anyone would be interested in going to Mexico in October and I was like count me in! This trip will be my first all inclusive and my cousin booked it all for us but I couldn’t possibly just sit back and do nothing! I have been reading travel books, looking online at excursions and counting down the days until warm ocean breezes and cold tropical beverages are my reality. You will be hearing much, much more about this in the future!

This brings me to the goal of this blog. I am hoping to inspire others through my experiences to collect as many memories as possible while living a life with no regrets.

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  1. I credit you with inspiring me to bok my trip to Cancun. I would not habe dine this without you. So it’s working. Love you sister !

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